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Buzios is now the 2nd most expensive location in the state of Rio de Janeiro, behind only the Leblon area of Ipanema, being beach front in the city centre.  Add São Paulo into the mix and Buzios is one of the most desirable and expensive areas in Brazil.  Buzios started off as a small fishing village, until 1964, when the famous French actress, Brigitte Bardot, visited, fell in love with Buzios, where she bought a holiday home and invited many of her famous wealthy friends to holiday, including Mick Jagger and Madonna.  It has now become a place frequently visited by the rich, wealthy and famous, and it has become known as the holiday destination of the Brazilianaire.  Despite having a population of only 50,000 people, the small city is visited by over 600,000 tourists during the busy Brazilian summer (December to February), when accommodation is currently difficult to find.

If you are looking for an amazing beach city in Brazil, that has a fast developing infrastructure, that is at the more sophisticated end, is very safe, with many things to do, then you should look no further than Buzios.  It is a world class international resort city on a gorgeous peninsula about 2 hours drive from Rio de Janeiro.  The city is very popular with tourists and Brazilians alike, with 23 beautiful white sand beaches with very clear turquoise water.  Buzios hosts many of the best beaches on the popular Sunshine Coast of Brazil.  The city centre has many excellent amenities, with many popular restaurants, excellent shopping, and lively trendy bars and nightlife. Brazilians will often spend the afternoon at the beach, then go out for a family evening for the evening, a little late night shopping, and then on to the lively night life from midnight until the early hours of the morning, and the city fits that ethos.  Buzios is famous for its quaint cobbled Main Street and it life size statue of Brigitte Bardot.

The city is also very famous for its amazing island and beach boat trips.  These boat trips are about £8-£10 per person, and last around 3-4 hours.  Buzios is also a regular stop-off point for large cruise ships on tours of Brazil and South America.  These cruise ships regular stop off in Buzios, bringing extra tourist traffic to the city.

Green Park Eco-Resort

Green Park Resort is positioned on the only road into Buzios.  Therefore, all traffic into, and out of, Buzios has to go past the Resort and it’s marketing billboards and entrance signs.  The Resort will have a luxury 50-bed hotel, a 14-bed guest house and 80 luxury villas, providing accommodation for around 850 guests.

There will also be 9 restaurants and 3 bars, 4 shops and offices, a supermarket, a coffee shop and a museum and an amazing event hall for festivals, parties and conferences.  There is a large outdoor and an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, and a gym.  There is a beautiful church for services, 5 natural lakes and wedding facilities. There is also be a farm and a ranch with horses and stables.

The Member’s swimming pool will even be decorated as a beach with a pressed sand surrounding, tropical trees and a real beach appearance, meaning that guests will have their own beach experience, without even leaving the Resort.  However, there also 3 stunning beaches within only 5 minutes of the Green Park Resort.

Green Park Eco-Resort
Buzios, Brazil

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