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4-bed Villas

4-bed Villas - house 400m² (land 800m²) - Buy a Luxury Villa for £267,000 (Rental Income of £40,050)

Green Park Resorts will have 80 luxury villas (40 x 3-bed Villas and 40 x 4-bed Villas), each with their own private gardens and individual swimming pool, and each with views of the Resorts beautiful natural lakes and forestry.

  • 40 x 4-bed Villas (house area of 400m², land area of 800m²) – priced at £267,000 (R$1,600,000), despite an estate valuation of around R$2,800,000 (£467,000). Investors will be offered a 15% assured annual rental income of £40,050 per annum (paid as 2 semi-annual payments).

  • The Gross Development Value (GDV) of the 40 x 4-bed Luxury Villas is R$112,000,000 (£18,666,666).

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