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Commercial Area

The Commercial Area is made up of 11 Restaurants, 4 Shops, a Supermarket and the Greenhouse Coffee Shop

The commercial area is being offered as part of a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), and will consists of the following revenue generating areas:

  • The Gross Development Value (GDV) of the Commercial Area alone is R$32,900,000 (£5,483,333).

  • 11 restaurants (300m² each) - already in discussions to rent out to local restaurants. Likely to be rented out as a Churrasco (Rodizio) restaurant, as well as French, Italian, Asian (Japanese/Thai), Seafood and Barbeque Chicken (Nando type) restaurants, as well as a Country and Cocktail Bars, amongst others.

  • 4 shops (100m² each) - can be rented as shops or offices. Gross Domestic Value (GDV) is R$32,900,000 (£5,483,333).

  • Organic Supermarket: Self-produced Resort Products (500m²)

  • Green House Café (within the Preservation area,, providing refreshments, Afternoon tea, birthday parties etc) - 500m².

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